The Jarits

This is a brief history of the origins of Shaizach Shelties. I, Rebecca Jarit, (formerly Rebecca Goldberg) am the founder, and the name, Shaizach, is a combination of my older children's first names.

I have been involved with breeding and showing Shetland Sheepdogs since 1987 when I bought my first Sheltie from Virginia Mahoney and Mildred Nicoll.

As it is with most folks who get involved in dog showing, that first dog was not a show dog. I bought my next dog from the same lovely ladies and he was more suited for the show ring but never did finish his championship. He did however become (aside from being my most beloved companion) my link to a whole new world, the world of breeding and showing purebred dogs.

He and I trained in obedience, traveled to shows, and completed his C.D. and C.D.X. titles. He was Birch Hollow Cluaron Pennant C.D.X. or "Shea" to us. Through Shea, I made many friends whom I now consider lifetime friends.

OpalI was extremely fortunate to have lived in the Northeast within a short drive of some of the most successful, respected, longtime breeders in the country. I was blessed with their willingness to share both their dogs and their knowledge. Of course, I took full advantage of their willingness, spent many hours looking at dogs, and asking questions of them all.

These breeders included Tom and Nioma Coen, Barbara Kenealy, Kay and Herb Searle, Jennie (Tomlin) Hynes and her mom Rose, Dona Hausman, Lynette and Stanley Saltzman and, especially, Mildred Nicoll and Virginia Mahoney who have remained so dear to me all along and without their continued friendship I might have lost my way.

Special thanks to Barbara Kenealy of Rockwood Shelties for parting with Raven, the small sweet tri-color bitch, who is behind all the lovely bitches currently residing here at Shaizach. I have gone from this one bitch purchased in 1994 from Rockwood to producing 14 of my own homebred champions in the past several years.

Zach, Shaina & HarrisonSeveral of the dogs are co-owned with friends, including our sable stud dog Ch Valdawn Shaizach Sovereign (Thank you to Kay and Herb Searle).

I also have three spectacular children: Zachary, born in 1990, Shaina, born in 1993, and Harrison, born in January 2005. They are the champions of champions in my life.

I also have an understanding husband who supports this endeavor, is quite involved with the dogs, and can even occasionally be seen grooming, or showing dogs in the ring!

The Jarits

Enjoy browsing through the photos of the dogs on this site and e-mail me if you have any questions or comments or give a call to schedule a visit -- we welcome visitors.